Ulmus 'Stavast'

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Ulmus hybrid cultivar
Hybrid parentage 'Commelin' × '202' (U. 'Exoniensis' × U. wallichiana)
Cultivar 'Stavast'
Origin Netherlands

Ulmus 'Stavast' is a hybrid elm cultivar raised at Wageningen in the Netherlands as clone '622' from the crossing of 'Commelin' with clone '202', itself a hybrid of the Exeter Elm Ulmus 'Exoniensis' and the Himalayan Elm Ulmus wallichiana.


The tree is distinguished solely by its dense root system.

Pests and diseases[edit]

'Stavast' has only a moderate resistance to Dutch elm disease, rated 3 out of 5.[1]


'Stavast' has never been in commerce in its own right but retained as a rootstock for grafting, as its dense root system quickly stabilized young trees.[2] A number of 'Stavast' trees were exported to New Zealand for use in trials at the Hortresearch station at Palmerston North in the 1990s.


The name 'Stavast' is Dutch for "stand firmly", but is also used to describe someone of resolute character.

Notable trees[edit]

Examples can be found on the elm trial plantation at "Lepelaarweg", Zeewolde. In 2009 one example was planted in "Het Egeltjesbos" a public park in the village De Kwakel, Uithoorn City Council, The Netherlands.[citation needed]


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