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This article is about the former Great Central Railway station. For the former Midland Railway station, see Staveley Town railway station.
Staveley Central
Staveley Central Station.jpg
Site of Staveley Central in 2004, now part of the Trans-Pennine Trail
Place Staveley
Area Chesterfield
Coordinates 53°16′12″N 1°20′48″W / 53.27°N 1.3467°W / 53.27; -1.3467Coordinates: 53°16′12″N 1°20′48″W / 53.27°N 1.3467°W / 53.27; -1.3467
Grid reference SK435749
Original company MS&LR
Pre-grouping Great Central Railway
Post-grouping LNER
British Railways
Platforms 4
1 June 1892 Opened (Staveley Town)
25 September 1950 Renamed (Staveley Central)
4 March 1963 Closed to regular passenger traffic
1964 Closed Completely[1]
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Closed railway stations in Britain
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Staveley Central is a closed and demolished former railway station in Staveley, Derbyshire, England.


The station was on the Great Central Main Line which ran between London Marylebone and Manchester via Sheffield Victoria. It was opened on 1 June 1892[2] as Staveley Town and renamed Staveley Central on 25 September 1950 by British Railways to reduce confusion with the ex-MR station, also called Staveley Town, which was about 250 yards away on the same street. The MR station was on the Barrow Hill to Clowne and Barrow Hill to Pleasley West lines. The renaming also reduced the likelihood of people confusing the station with that at Barrow Hill, but that was normally referred to as Barrow Hill. Staveley Central closed on 4 March 1963, but continued to serve Summer weekend excursion traffic until the end of the 1964 season.

The station was the northern junction for the loop line to Chesterfield Central and so had four platforms.[3] The timber-built booking hall was on the Lowgates road overbridge[4] and there was a waiting room on each platform. The station was also the junction for branches to the Ireland, Hartington and Markham Collieries and at the south end was Staveley (G.C.) Engine Shed (shed code 38D and latterly 41H in BR days). This, too, was subject to confusion with the ex-MR "Staveley" engine shed over a mile away at Barrow Hill, which was coded 18D in BR days. Staveley ex-GC engine shed has been razed to the ground, but Barrow Hill Engine Shed has risen from the ashes as a significant railway engineering and preservation site.

The location of Staveley Central station has been turned into a new road to link to the M1 junction 29A.

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Four stations have had "Staveley" in their name at some point in their history:

  • Staveley Central, the subject of this article, which was known as "Staveley Town" from 1892 to 1950.
  • Staveley Town, a Midland Railway station on another line about 250 yards away on the same street,
  • Barrow Hill which in its early years was named "Staveley", it was a good mile away from Staveley Central,
  • Staveley Works which was the next station from Staveley Central towards Chesterfield, and
  • Staveley between Windermere and Kendal in Cumbria.



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