Stavrianos Vistiaris

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Stavrianos Vistiaris (Greek: Σταυριανός Βιστιάρης, 16th-17th century), was a Greek poet born in the village of Maliçan,[1] in modern Sarande District, a region of Albania that Greeks refer to as Northern Epirus.

He became renowned because of his extensive epic poem: Braveries of the noble and valiant voevode Michael (Greek: Ανδραγαθίες του ευσεβεστάτου και ανδρειωτάτου Μιχαήλ Βοεβόδα).[2] The poem was written around 1602 in a medieval Greek dialect; at the time Vistiaris was working at the court of the ruler of Wallachia, Michael the Brave.

The work describes the personality and life of the Wallachian ruler.


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