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Stay LDS / Mormon
Type of site
Independent LDS pastoral self-help and discipleship
Available in English
Owner John Dehlin and Brian Johnston
Created by John Dehlin, Brian Johnston, Ray Degraw, et al.
Slogan(s) "Helping members find new ways to stay connected to the LDS Church"
Alexa rank 2,083,719 (April 2014)[1]
Launched January, 2009
Current status Active

Stay LDS / Mormon ("Latter-day Saint") is a group weblog featuring discussion and commentary about Mormon issues, beliefs, culture, thought and current events. It was created by Brian Johnston[2] and John Dehlin, formerly of the Sunstone Education Foundation.[3]

The weblog's primary focus is issues of concern to Mormons experiencing disaffection or crisis of their faith. The individual contributors may share their own experiences to provide an informal support group.[4][5][6]

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