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Staya Erusa is a series of films, a type of documentary, also called Notion Pictures, that provide insights into a subject. The films try to link the world’s needs and the measure in which we – as Mankind – are conscious. Staya Erusa claims, that through a broader perspective or more consciousness, solutions can be found for the challenges that Mankind faces. Using animations and interviews with renowned scientists and authors, insight is provided into consciousness, cosmos and life and death, especially life after death.

Staya Erusa wants to contribute to the expansion of consciousness by means of a series of media expressions (films, books, Internet). In 2007, the website and two ‘Notion Pictures’ (documentaries that provide insights) introduce a far broader reality to the public.

Staya Erusa – The Beginning, was a pilot film by Harry Beckers, Claudia Bredewold and Ronald Jan Heijn. The film was released in the Netherlands in 2006 and shown in art houses. That year, Staya Erusa became the best visited film in a number of art houses. In 2007, the international remake Staya Erusa – Find the Book of Knowledge was launched, a film to which also Uri Geller contributed.

Staya Erusa – Find the Book of Knowledge is released on DVD in 13 languages, not in cinemas.


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