Steak and kidney pie

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Steak and kidney pie
Steak and kidney pie.jpg
A steak and kidney pie, as served in a pub
Type Savoury pie
Place of origin Britain
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Beef, kidney, onions, brown gravy, pastry shell
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Steak and kidney pie is a savoury pie that is filled principally with a mixture of diced beef, diced kidney (often of beef, lamb, or pork), fried onion, and brown gravy. Steak and kidney pie is a representative dish of British cuisine.


The gravy typically consists of salted beef broth flavoured with Worcestershire sauce and black pepper, and thickened with refined flour, beurre manié, or corn starch. The gravy may also contain ale or stout.

Hot water crust pastry, puff pastry, and shortcrust pastry are among the pastry crusts prepared for steak and kidney pie.

Among the various vernacular rhyming slang names for steak and kidney pie are Kate and Sidney pie, snake and kiddy pie, and snake and pygmy pie.[1][2]

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