Steal Your Goals

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Steal Your Goals
EP by Set Your Goals and The Steal
Released June 2006 (2006-06)
Genre Punk
Label Gravity DIP
Set Your Goals chronology
Set Your Goals
(2004) Set Your Goals2004
Steal Your Goals
(2006) Steal Your Goals2006
(2006) Mutiny!2006
The Steal chronology
The Steal
(2006) The Steal2006
Steal Your Goals
(2006) Steal Your Goals2006
Bright Grey
(2008) Bright Grey2008

Steal Your Goals is the 10" split from the Bay Area's Set Your Goals and UK's The Steal. Side A, Set Your Goals' side, features three songs that can be heard from their self-titled EP. The Steal (Side B) added an old song, a new song, and a cover to the EP.

Track listing[edit]

Side A
  • A1. Goonies Never Say Die
  • A2. How 'Bout No, Scott?
  • A3. Latch Key
Side B
  • B1. The Steal
  • B2. Long Song Titles Are So Two Thousand And One
  • B3. That Fucking Hurt (Chopper cover)