Stealing Jane

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Stealing Jane
Origin Long Island, New York.
Genres Rock, pop, R&B, ska
Years active 2001–2010
Labels BTO Records
Members Bryce Larsen
Matt Giordano
Brian Bunce
Dave Calzone
Jesse Sears
Brett Newman

Stealing Jane is an eight piece band from New York. They formed in the year 2001 under the name of HyJinX, and changed their name to "Stealing Jane" in 2007. Their music is a combination of rock, pop, R&B and ska.


The band's name changed from HyJinX to Stealing Jane in 2007 once the band's focus shifted from a mix of original songs along with cover song material to original material only.

Stealing Jane (HyJinX) has played at venues such as Giants Stadium, The Bitter End, BB Kings, and the Webster Theater. They have played with OneRepublic, Spin Doctors, Lifehouse, Hanson, Pepper, Toots & the Maytals, Catch 22, Big D and The Kids Table, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Zox, RX Bandits, and Eve 6, among other acts.

As HyJinx, they received first place in the Long Island Music Festival, held by Long Island, NY publication Good Times Magazine.[clarification needed] They have received radio play in 15 states.[1] Stealing Jane's music appeared on XM radio, with Opie and Anthony in 2007. They reviewed the band's single "Heartbreaker", which received a great deal of positive response.[citation needed] The EP Say Something was released in August 2007.


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