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Author(s) William Satterwhite
Launch date 1999
Genre(s) Superhero

Stealth is a webcomic created, written and drawn by William Satterwhite. Set in the fictional Terminus City, the series centers on Allen White, a young man who, as Stealth, fights crime and protects the innocent. Originally published on the Web, material can be purchased in print online.

Character biography[edit]

A shy, reserved, sensitive and thoughtful young man, Allen is a member of Cleburne High School's senior class. One night, while caught in a storm, he was struck by lightning. Instead of dying, he began to develop superhuman abilities. At first, he was unsure what to do with these newfound abilities. Then, tragedy struck when his older brother Eric, a rookie police officer, was gunned down by a drug dealer. Since then, Allen has sworn to use his abilities to battle the criminal element in Terminus City.

When he dresses up as Stealth, he adopts an entirely different persona. Whereas Allen is smart, quiet, shy and sensitive, Stealth is sarcastic, arrogant, and quite brutal. Stealth can best be described, and has been, as Allen's dark side.


Stealth has enhanced strength (capable of lifting one ton), superhuman speed and agility, X-ray vision and a low-level healing factor. He also possesses a genius-level intellect.

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Ashley "Ash" Belle-one of the most popular girls at Cleburne High and the object of Allen's affection. She is unaware of this crush, initially, but at last check, she may be slowly becoming aware of it. Early in the comic, she had broken up with her boyfriend after catching him cheating on her.
  • Carrie "Mouse" Hawkins-A junior at Cleburne High. Shy, quiet and something of a tomboy, she is also a late bloomer, just starting to come into her own. Carrie also appears to have a crush on Allen.
  • Brenda White-Allen's mother, one of Terminus City's top newswomen. She co-anchors Fox 4's 10:00 newscast. She is a sweet, caring mother and is overprotective of her youngest son (her little baby boy) but because she has to work nights, she doesn't get to spend nearly enough time with him as she would like.
  • Jammal Sanders- A star running back on the Cleburne High football team and Ashley's ex-boyfriend. He is on friendly terms with Allen, unaware of the latter's crush on Ashley, who he hopes to win back.
  • Eric White(deceased)- Allen's older brother and inspiration. When their father died of cancer, Eric became Allen's male role model.
  • Michelle "Mickey" Belle- Ashley's younger sister.
  • Maria Jones- Ashley's best friend, a cheerleader and student body secretary.
  • Nikki Jordan- Another friend of Ashley's, who lives in an upscale part of town.
  • Allison Bain- A friend of Allen's and the biggest gossip in school.


  • Mario Malone-Owner of Big Time Records and secretly the top crime kingpin in Terminus City. A brilliant man who always thinks ahead, he plans on eliminating Stealth before he can become a thorn in his side.
  • Darren "D-Mack" Shyne-Once the top-selling artist at Big Time Records and best friends with Malone until a drug conviction took him down. He claimed that the drug bust was a set-up. In exchange for parole, he agreed to undergo an experiment that gave him the power of photokinesis. Shyne uses his ability in his vendetta against the man who set him up: Mario Malone. Shyne's backstory is loosely based on that of Luke Cage.
  • Andy Neal/Shockwave-An electrical engineering student at the Terminus Institute of Technology with big money problems, he receives the power of electrokinesis via a lab accident. He uses this newfound gift to embark on a life of crime, despite not having full control of it.
  • Eve- A beautiful German assassin hired by Mario Malone to eliminate an as-yet unrevealed target.

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