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Developer(s) Radio Toolbox
Stable release
1.0.1 / 9 December 2015
Operating system Unix-like and Microsoft Windows
Type Streaming media
License Proprietary

Steamcast is a freeware streaming media server that extends the capabilities of the Icecast2/SHOUTcast framework. The creators of Steamcast intend for the project to be format/codec agnostic and want to support as many encoding, listing (YP) and client systems as possible. Steamcast can function as an on-demand multimedia server as well as a web radio or internet radio broadcast server. With the use of NSV Steamcast can also be utilized as a live video streaming server.[1] Steamcast is currently available for Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, and Linux.


Steamcast was created by Jay Krivanek of Radio Toolbox and was first introduced in 2004 with version 0.9.6 beta. The project has been in a beta state ever since although many users use it with a large degree of success in production situations. Steamcast also begun its own YP project based on Icecast's YP protocol at the projects home page to foster growth and showcase the advantages of the project.


One of the features that sets Steamcast apart from other systems is the included web interface that allows for management of sources and clients. The server also supports a wide variety of source encoders and players that encompass other projects like Icecast2 and SHOUTcast. The server also supports multiple publishing points/mount points which can all stream on the same instance and ports. The support of the Icecast2 YP listing specification also allows the server to list on multiple listing services which helps to promote a web broadcast. Steamcast's backend XML sheets are supported by other services such as LoudCity for royalty requirements and the interface is also utilized by several IRC and PHP projects to include stats in varying listener locations.

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