Steaming (play)

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Steaming (play).jpg
Written by Nell Dunn
Date premiered 1981
Place premiered Theatre Royal, Stratford
Original language English
Subject Five women of all conditions come to bare their bodies, souls and fantasies.
Genre Comedy
Setting A London Turkish bath in the late 1970s.

Steaming is a 1981 play written by English playwright Nell Dunn first staged at Theatre Royal, Stratford, in London. It won the 1981 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy (at the time known as the Society of West End Theatre Award for Best New Comedy). During 2010, Jally Entertainment toured Australia with the play, starring Val Lehman (Prisoner) and Alli Pope.

Film adaptation[edit]

The play was adapted for film by Patricia Losey released in 1985. The film was directed by Joseph Losey with Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Miles, and Diana Dors.


Further reading[edit]

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