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SteamPunk Magazine
Steampunk magazine Issue3.gif
Cover of Issue 3 of SteamPunk Magazine
Editor Margaret Killjoy
Categories Steampunk
Frequency Semi-annual
Publisher Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness
Vagrants Among Ruins
Combustion Books
First issue March 3, 2007 (2007-03-03)
Country USA
OCLC number 697621954

SteamPunk Magazine is an online and print semi-annual magazine devoted to the steampunk subculture.[1] It is published under a Creative Commons license, and is free for download.[1] In March 2008, SteamPunk Magazine began offering free subscriptions to incarcerated Americans, as a "celebration" of 1% of the US population being eligible.[2]

SteamPunk Magazine was formerly published by anarchist zine publisher Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness in the United States and by Vagrants Among Ruins in the United Kingdom. The magazine is currently published by the worker-run Combustion Books in New York City and distributed by AK Press.[3]

Reception and recognition[edit]


Issue #1[edit]

Putting the Punk Back into Steampunk

Interviews with:

Issue #2[edit]

A Journal of Misapplied Technology

Contents include:

Issue #3[edit]

The Sky is Falling

Contents include:

Issue #4[edit]

Our Lives as Fantastic as any Fiction

Contents include:

Issue #5[edit]

Long Live Steampunk!

Contents include:

Issue #6[edit]

The Pre-Industrial Revolution

Contents include:

Issue #7[edit]

Contents include:

Issue #8[edit]

Contents include:

  • Instructions for making laudanum and a lexicon of 19th century New York City slang
  • Interview with Unwoman


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