Steatocystoma multiplex

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Steatocystoma multiplex
Other namesEpidermal polycystic disease and Sebocystomatosis[1]:781
SpecialtyDermatology Edit this on Wikidata

Steatocystoma multiplex, is a benign, autosomal dominant congenital condition resulting in multiple cysts on a person's body. Steatocystoma simplex is the solitary counterpart to steatocystoma multiplex.[2]


Steatocystoma multiplex.jpg
Relative incidence of cutaneous cysts. Steatocystoma is labeled at right.

It is associated with defects in Keratin 17.[3] The condition is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. This indicates that the defective gene responsible for a disorder is located on an autosome, and only one copy of the defective gene is sufficient to cause the disorder, when inherited from a parent who has the disorder.

However, a solitary case can also emerge in a family with no prior history of the disorder due to the occurrence of a mutation (often referred to as a sporadic or spontaneous mutation).[citation needed]



The cysts can be removed via excision, though conventional cyst excision techniques have proven impractical, and a specialized regimen is required.[4]

Cryotherapy and electrosessication may also be tried, but since it is genetic disorder so all the modalties have very little effect.

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