Steel (1933 film)

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Steel (1933 film).jpg
Directed by Walter Ruttmann
Produced by Emilio Cecchi
Baldassarre Negroni
Written by Luigi Pirandello (novel)
Stefano Landi
Mario Soldati
Emilio Cecchi
Walter Ruttmann
Starring Piero Pastore
Isa Pola
Vittorio Bellaccini
Alfredo Polveroni
Music by Gian Francesco Malipiero
Cinematography Domenico Scala
Massimo Terzano
Edited by Giuseppe Fatigati
Walter Ruttmann
Distributed by Cinès-Pittaluga
Release date
31 March 1933
Running time
67 minutes
Country Italy
Language Italian

Steel (Italian: Acciaio) is a 1933 Italian drama film directed by Walter Ruttmann and starring Piero Pastore, Isa Pola and Vittorio Bellaccini. The film was shot on location at the steel mills in Terni in Umbria.[1] It was based on the novel Giuoca, Pietro! by Luigi Pirandello. With its semi-documentary style it was one of a number of films made in the Fascist era that serve as a precursor to Italian neorealism which emerged in the mid-1940s.[2]


Two steelworkers engage in a violent rivalry over a woman.



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