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Steel is a metal alloy that is composed principally of iron and carbon.

Steel may also refer to:

Specific iron alloys[edit]

Steel grades[edit]

  • Steel grades, to classify steels by their composition and physical properties
  • AISI steel grades, American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) standard steel grades

Other metal objects[edit]

  • Firesteel for generating of sparks by impacts with flints
  • Honing steel, a rod used for realigning the microscopic edge of blades
  • Steel guitar, a special type of guitar and a special way of playing it
  • Steel, a device held against the strings when playing a steel guitar
  • Sword, sometimes termed "steel" in certain cultures
  • Steel belt, used in many industries such as food, chemical, wood processing and transportation.

Steel related[edit]

  • Steel abrasive, loose particles used for blast cleaning or to improve the properties of metal surfaces


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