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Steel Monsters were a toy series from the Tonka company in the 1980s

Produced in 1986 and 1987 by Tonka, they were well-made and colorful 3-3/4" figures, each having its own mini-comic. Sub-labeled as "The Only Survivors", they were very reminiscent of the Mad Max genre, with Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome coming out the year before.

1986 line:

The Barbarian vehicle included Retread
The Blaster vehicle included Talon
The Bomber vehicle included Punk
The Destroyer vehicle included Half Track
The Enforcer vehicle included Wheel Boss
The Masher vehicle included Metal Face

1987 line:

The Pulverizor vehicle included Tygress
The Wrecker vehicle included Viking

Individual carded figures came with a mini-comic book to introduce the character. They were broken down into good/bad guy teams, the Survivors (the good guys - their vehicles were tan-colored) and the Marauders (the bad guys - their vehicles were black).