Steel Pole Bath Tub

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Steel Pole Bath Tub
Background information
Also known as S.P.B.T., Steelpole Bathtub
Origin Bozeman, Montana
Genres Noise rock, hardcore punk
Years active 1986–2002
(reunion: 2008)
Labels Boner, Slash, Alternative Tentacles, Lookout!, Mans Ruin, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Zero to One, Sento, Your Choice, Genius Records
Associated acts DUH, Milk Cult, Tumor Circus, Mr. Epp & The Calculations, Duh
Past members Mike Morasky
Dale Flattum
Darren Mor-X
Nate Howe

Steel Pole Bath Tub was an American rock band, formed in 1986 in Bozeman, Montana by Mike Morasky (guitar/vocals) and Dale Flattum (bass/vocals).

Band history[edit]

Darren Mor-X
Dale Flattum
Mike Morasky

Morasky and Flattum moved the band to Seattle, Washington where Darren Mor-X (drums) joined the band, before they all moved to San Francisco, California.[when?]

The band became known for their chaotic, noisy style and frequent use of television and movie samples, with several 7" singles and albums on Boner Records, before being signed to Slash Records and releasing their major label debut in 1995.[1] Their signing to Slash was part of a mid-1990s free-for-all signing bonanza of alternative rock bands,[1] particularly bands from the Northwestern United States in the wake of the surprising commercial success Geffen Records had with Nirvana,[2] many of which ended in creative and ownership conflicts. Steel Pole Bath Tub and Slash's relationship was no different.

The only album they ever released on Slash contained very few samples, which had previously been a staple of the band, at the insistence of Slash's legal department.[1] The band hoped their second album for Slash would be a cover of The Cars' first album in its entirety, but the label would not allow that idea and then deemed the demos the band submitted (which contained three Cars covers) unlistenable and refused to release them.[1]

The band wouldn't release any more significant material until the rights to the music they recorded for Slash would revert to them 2002.[1] In 2002, the band released those recordings as the album Unlistenable, the title a play on a Slash executives comments on the material[1] and reformed to play the Beyond the Pale festival at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco in November 2002, where they co-headlined with Neurosis and Tarantula Hawk.[3]

They reunited to play a show at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Oregon on September 4, 2008 as a part of MusicFestNW. The group's song "Train to Miami", from the album The Miracle of Sound in Motion, was featured in a November 2008 television ad for the PC and Xbox 360 game, Left 4 Dead.[4] Mike Morasky is also responsible for writing and performing the songs by the fictional band Midnight Riders in the game's sequel, Left 4 Dead 2.

Straddling the punk, noise, art and grunge scenes, SPBT was a touring staple. Between the years 1986 and 1997 SPBT shared the stage with dozens of notable bands. From veteran touring bands The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Firehose and Meat Puppets to Bay Area punk bands, Neurosis, Christ on Parade, Jawbreaker, Operation Ivy and Econochrist to noise/art bands; Melt Banana, Crash Worship, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 and Ethyl Meatplow amongst many others. They were also closely associated with the Seattle scene, playing often with such core grunge acts as Mudhoney, L7, Tad, Hole, touring Europe with Melvins and performing a notable string of early dates on tour with Nirvana. Steel Pole Bath Tub toured the United States incessantly also traversing Europe and Japan several times.

Side projects[edit]

The band joined with Jello Biafra to form the group Tumor Circus, releasing a self-titled album in 1991.

Milk Cult, with Morasky and Flattum (and sound man Eric Holland) using the names The Bumblebee and C.C. Nova, released 4 albums between 1992 and 2000. Their last album, Project M13, was the result of an invitation from the French Government to be guests of the La Friche Art Collective in Marseille.[5]

Novex, a Dale Flattum and Darren Mor-X project, recorded with Vern and Justin at the Unwound farm, released as Kleptophonica (2002).[6]

Pink Teeth, a project including Dale Flattum and Zak Sally of Low.

The Hand, another project including Dale Flattum and Zak Sally of Low.


Steel Pole Bath Tub[edit]


  • 1986 - Steel Pole Bath Tub (Demo, self-released)
  • 1987 - We Own Drrrills (EP, self-released)


Eps and Singles[edit]

  • "I Dreamed I Dream" - Split 7'/10" With Melvins - (Boner/Tupelo, 1989)
  • "Arizona Garbage Truck / Voodoo Chile" (Sympathy for the Recording Industry, 1990)
  • "European Son / Venus in Furs" (The Communion Label, 1991)
  • "We Walk" - Split 7" with Jawbreaker - (Staple Gun Records, 1991)
  • "Your Choice Live" - Limited 7" - (Your Choice Records, 1991)
  • "Bozeman" (Boner/Tupelo, 1992)
  • "Some Cocktail Suggestions EP" (Boner/Tupelo, 1994)
  • "Tragedy Ecstasy Doom and So On EP" (Genius Records, 1995)
  • "Auf Wiedersehen / Surrender" (Man's Ruin Records, 1995)
  • "Twist / Surrender" (Slash Records, 1995)
  • "Hey Bo Diddley Live in Tokyo" - Split 7" with Unwound - (Honey Bear Records, 1996)
  • "Soul Cannon" - "Live at Emo's: Volume 2 - #2: This Place Sucks" - Split 7" with "Unsane" / "Gomez" - (No Lie Records, 1997)


  • "Bee Sting" - The Thing That Ate Floyd - (Lookout! Records, 1988)
  • "We Walk" - Surprise Your Pig - A Tribute to R.E.M. - (Staple Gun Records, 1992)
  • "Chemical Warfare" - Virus 100 - (Alternative Tentacles, 1992)
  • "Down All the Days" - The Mission District: 17 Reasons - 7" Box (Mission Merchants, 1992)
  • "Kung Fu Love" - Milk for Pussy - (Mad Queen Records, 1993)
  • "Froggie Would a Wooing Go" - Power Flush - as "Mud Bath" with Mudwimmin - (Broken Rekids, 1993)
  • "The Seventh Hour of the Seventh Day" - Smitten - A Love Song Compilation - (Karate Brand Records, 1994)
  • "A Washed Out Monkey Star Halo" - Dope-Guns-'N-Fucking In The Streets Volume Ten - (Amphetamine Reptile Records, 1994)
  • "The 500 Club" - CMJ New Music August - Volume 24 - (College Music Journal, 1995)
  • "Twist" - Introducing Vol. 2 - (Indigo, 1995)
  • "Twist" - London Records (London Records, 1995)
  • "The Charm" - Jabberjaw... Pure Sweet Hell - (Mammoth, 1996)
  • "The Ghost" - Twisted Willie - (Justice Records, 1996)
  • "A Washed Out Monkey Star Halo" - Dope-Guns-'N-Fucking In The Streets Volumes 8-11 - (Amphetamine Reptile Records, 1997)
  • "Soul Cannon" - Live at Emo's BOX SET - 7" Box (No Lie Music, 1997)
  • "I Dreamed I Dream" - Confuse Yr Idols (A Tribute To Sonic Youth) (Narnack Records, 2004)

Milk Cult[edit]


  • "Love God" (Boner Records / Tupelo Recording, 1993)
  • "Burn or Bury" (Priority Records, 1994)
  • "Bruce Lee Marvin Gaye" (ZK Records, 1994)
  • "Project M-13" (Zero to One Records, 2000)

EPs and singles[edit]

  • "Mama Paranoia" - Split 7" with Dosed Bernie - (Box Dog, 1994)

Tumor Circus[edit]


  • Tumor Circus (Alternative Tentacles, 1991)

Eps and Singles[edit]

  • "Take Me Back or I'll Drown Our Dog" - 7'/12" - (Alternative Tentacles, 1991)
  • "Meathook Up My Rectum" - 7' - (Alternative Tentacles, 1991)


  • "Meathook Up My Rectum" - "The Bat is Back" - (Alternative Tentacles, 1992)

C.C. Nova[edit]

  • 1994 - Milk Cult C.C. Nova Dispatch (Communion)


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