Steele, Germany

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Steele became a city in the Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr area) in 1578. Population (1905), 12,988.[1] In 1929 it became a suburb of Essen.

Steele is bordered on the south by the Ruhr river. It is bordered by the cities of Kray in the north, Leithe in the northeast, Freisenbruch in the east, Horst in the southeast, Überruhr in the south, Bergerhausen in the southwest, and Huttrop in the west. It has two railway stations: Essen-Steele station and Essen-Steele Ost station.

A Diet of the empire was held here in the year 938 by the emperor Otto I.[1]

Coordinates: 51°26′58″N 7°4′35″E / 51.44944°N 7.07639°E / 51.44944; 7.07639


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