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Steen1 performing on September 8, 2007.
Background information
Birth name Seppo Lampela
Born 1976
Origin Helsinki, Finland
Genres Rap, Finnish hip hop
Labels Monsp Records

Steen1 (real name Seppo Lampela) (born 1976 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish rap musician. He originally chose the name Steen Christensen, after the Danish criminal who shot two Finnish policemen in 1997, as his moniker, but changed it due to controversy.

In 2004 Steen1 released his debut album entitled Salaliittoteoria (Conspiracy Theory). In September 2005 his second full-length, Varasta pomolta (Steal from the Boss) was released. His lyrics tend to feature aggressive, anti-establishment social critique. His Rap song "Terroristi" (Terrorist) was in the Finnish teen movie Tyttö sinä olet tähti (Girl You're a Star) and his rap song "Sinisiä rappuja ja punaisia hintalappuja" ("Blue blocks and red price tags") was in the movie Paha maa (Frozen Land)

Steen1 ran for the Parliament of Finland in the 2007 elections representing the Communist Party of Finland (SKP). He received the most votes among SKP candidates, but failed to get elected.[1]



  • Salaliittoteoria (2004)
  • Varasta pomolta (2005)
  • Ajatusrikoksia (compilation, 2007)
  • Runoja kontrollihuoneesta (2009)
  • Pesismaila ja Ananas (under the moniker Liekehtivä sikiö)(2009)
  • Bensaahan ne pojat tuli hakemaan (with Jussi Lampi) (2011)
  • Jedin paluu (2011)


  • Samaa uudestaan (feat. Saimaa) (2005)
  • Terroristi (feat. Asa) (2006)
  • Marssi (feat. Iso H & Redrama) (2007)
  • Tennispallobiisi (With Jussi Lampi) (2011)
  • Itä-Helsinki (2012)


  • Nottinghamin paskasheriffi (2006)
  • Valkoinen jänis (2007)
  • Paskasheriffin paluu (2010)


  • Hullu klovni - 2008


  1. ^ 2007 Finnish parliamentary election results

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