Steenbras Dam – Upper

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Steenbras Dam - Upper
visible at upper left
Official nameSteenbras Dam - Upper
LocationWestern Cape, South Africa
Coordinates34°10′5″S 18°54′5″E / 34.16806°S 18.90139°E / -34.16806; 18.90139Coordinates: 34°10′5″S 18°54′5″E / 34.16806°S 18.90139°E / -34.16806; 18.90139
Opening date1977
Operator(s)City of Cape Town
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarth-fill
ImpoundsSteenbras River
Height34 metres (112 ft)
Length940 metres (3,080 ft)
CreatesSteenbras Dam - Upper Reservoir
Total capacity31,767,000 cubic metres (1.1218×109 cu ft)
Catchment area29.7 km2
Surface area263 hectares (650 acres)

Steenbras Dam – Upper is an earth-fill type dam located on the Steenbras River, upstream of the Steenbras Dam, near Gordons Bay in the Western Cape, South Africa. It was established in 1977 and serves mainly for municipal and industrial use. The hazard potential of the dam has been ranked high (3).[1]

Steenbras Dam – Upper is used for water storage and as the upper dam of the Steenbras pumped storage power station. Steenbras Hydro-Electric Lower Dam is the lower dam.

Steenbras Dam – Upper is also linked by an open canal and pipeline to the Rockview Dam that forms the upper reservoir of the Palmiet Pumped Storage Scheme, which is a separate pump storage scheme operated by Eskom and the Department of Water and Sanitation. The link allows water from the Palmiet River to be transferred to the dam.[2]

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