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Gikaku Steere Noda (1892–1986)[1] was a Japanese American politician, lawyer, and baseball player in the State of Hawaii.[2]


Timeline of notable events

  • 1905- Founds Asahi Nisei Baseball Team[3]
  • 1911- Graduates from Mid-Pacific Institute[4]
  • 1924- Assumes role as attorney-at-law
  • 1948- Serves as member of Territorial House of Representatives (until 1958)
  • 1950- Delegate to the Hawaii State Constitutional Convention
  • 1958- Serves in Hawaii State Senate


  • Fifth Class Order of the Rising Sun by the Japanese government for his role in promoting goodwill and friendship
  • La Croix De Chevalier Avec Ruban from the French government for his dedication to amateur sports


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