Steere River

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Steere River
Mouth Culham Inlet
Basin countries Australia
Length 35 kilometres (22 mi)
Source elevation 103 metres (338 ft)[1]
Mouth elevation 1 metre (3 ft)
Basin area 485 square kilometres (187 sq mi)[2]

The Steere River is a river in the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia.

The headwaters of the river rise below the Ravensthorpe Range in the vicinity of Elverdton[3] then flow in a southerly direction until discharging into the north eastern end of Culham Inlet.

The waters of the river are naturally saline.[4] The river drains an area of Archean volcanic and sedimentary rock that is mostly vegetated. The area to the north is hilly and rugged, but the area further south undulates gently.

The river has one tributary, Waindettup Creek.[5]


Coordinates: 33°53′22″S 120°05′23″E / 33.88944°S 120.08972°E / -33.88944; 120.08972