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Stefan "Lillis" Åkesson is a Swedish Pro freestyle skateboarder, actor and web designer. He is the founder of the International Network for Flatland freestyle Skateboarding and of Reverse Freestyle Skateboards, as well as the co-founder of the World Freestyle Skateboard Association (WFSA)[1].

Åkesson started to skateboard in 1978 and won his first Swedish Skateboard Championships in 1983. Won his first European Championships in 1987, the World Championships in 2000, and the European Championships once again in 2005.

Lillis enters contests, does demos, shows and clinics all over the world. He is part of the theater group Skokloster Teatersällskap and work part-time for PC PAL [2] as a web- and graphic designer.

Contest highlights[edit]

  • World Champion 2000, San Francisco (tie)
  • European Champion 2005, England
  • European Champion 1987, Sweden
  • 2nd World Championships 2008
  • 2nd World Championships 2007
  • 2nd World Championships 2006
  • 2nd World Championships 2005
  • 2nd World Championships 2001
  • 2nd World Championships 2002
  • 1st Chit Challenge, New Jersey 2001
  • 1st LA Barrio Games, Los Angeles 2001
  • 1st Reverse Freestyle Open 2003
  • 1st SKF Euro Cup 1990
  • 1st Swedish Champion 15 times
  • 2nd Spot On, Glendale 2008
  • 2nd Spot On, Glendale 2009
  • 2nd Venice Beach Jam & Contest, 2010

Guinness World Record 2008: Most Dogwalks in 1 minute.

Guinness World Record 2006: Longest one wheelie on flat, 39 meters. Update!: Guinness World Record 2007: Longest one wheelie on flat, 68 meters and 54 centimeters