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Anderson in a formal birthday portrait in 1958 (photo from FamSAC)

Knut Stefan Anderson (born December 26, 1878, Enköping, Sweden, died May 8, 1966, Ludvika) was a Swedish industrialist, journalist and master craftsman watchmaker decorated with badges of chivalric orders by the Kings of Sweden, Denmark and Norway and the President of Finland.[1] He was the son of August T. Anderson and Hildegard von Reis.

He published articles and a whole series of trade papers, often using the pseudonym Stander, and was instrumental in organizing watchmakers and craftsmen into permanent trade organizations in Scandinavia and Germany, which he then chaired, in terms of service lasting many years. He is considered the most important industrial organizer in his field in the history of his country[2] and had a watchmaker's college named for him in Borensberg, Sweden.[3]

Ludvika Town Hall has a clock designed and installed by Anderson in its tower since the building was dedicated in 1938 (mechanism replaced in 2004).

Anderson and his wife Ragnhild (née Sandberg) toured New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas in May 1955 and he was given a VIP tour of the Elgin National Watch Company. A daughter was Birgit Ridderstedt, who with her family hosted the Anderson couple's stay in the Midwest. Grandsons are Jacob Truedson Demitz and Mattias Klum.[4]

One of Anderson's mottos was "Do not compromise with your opinion and your conscience!".[5] A Swedish gold medal given for valor in the interest of trade-crafts bears Anderson's likeness and name.


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