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Stefan Haenni (born August 4, 1958 in Thun) is a Swiss painter and a crime novel writer.[1]

Stefan Haenni


Stefan Haenni visited the Schule für Gestaltung in Bern and studied at the University of Bern and the Université de Fribourg history of art and psychology. With his painting Haenni reached in the 1980 first appreciations. He realized among other things works with the portraits from the Nobelprice winner Nagib Machfus and the surrealistic Swiss painter Meret Oppenheim. The leading subject of modern oriental painting reached Haenni after a trip along the Nile in 1990. Many works were created after that like West-östlicher Divan from Goethe, the series of Monde Arabe and Lawrence of Arabia – new paintings about an old film. His works are collected in several Swiss Museums of Modern Art, Swiss Banks (BEKB, Credit Suisse, UBS) and private Art-Collections. Since a few years, Stefan Haenni is also writing crime novels in German. He lives in Thun/Switzerland.

Orient und Okzident

Exhibitions (Selection)[edit]

  • 1984: Stefan Haenni, Galerie Wendeltreppe, Schloss Schadau, Thun/Switzerland
  • 1985: Young artists, Volkswirtschaftskammer from the Berner Oberland, Interlaken
  • 1986: 3 young artists: Stefan Haenni, Roland Berger, Theo Schneiter, Galerie am Kreis, Bern
  • 1988: Milkproject, Intermilch, Ostermundigen
  • 1988: Vernissage without works, Galerie am Kreis, Bern
  • 1989: Works, Galerie am Kreis, Bern
  • 1989: People and Portraits, Swiss Institute Contemporary Art New York
  • 1990: Projekt Querschnitt, Kinomuseum Moskau
  • 1991: Projekt Querschnitt, Freiraum Helmkestrasse, Hannover
  • 1991: Querschnitt – the Printedition, Weisser Saal, Museum of modern art, Bern/Switzerland
  • 1992: Querschnitt ist tot - es lebe der Querschnitt, Kunstmuseum Thun
  • 1994: Barocklahoma, Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 1995: Mannsbilder – Frauenzimmer (Sylvie Fleury, Urs Stooss, David Hockney, Robert Mapplethorpe, Stefan Haenni), Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 1996: Kunst 96, Internationale Kunstmesse, Zürich
  • 1997: New pictures from Aegypt, Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 1997: From the beginning of art, museum of modern art Olten/Switzerland
  • 1997: Kunst 97, Internationale Kunstmesse, Zürich
  • 1999: Konnex Kairo, Stefan Haenni, Not Vital a.o., Museum of modern art Thun/Switzerland
  • 1999: The promised Rosegarden, Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 2004: Lawrence of Arabia, Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 2006: From the Niesen to the pyramids, Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 2008: Orient and Okzident, Villa Schüpbach, Art Collection Steffisburg
  • 2009: Durch die Blume (Flower view), Samuel Buri, Dieter Hall, Stefan Haenni, Shirina Shabhazi, Urs Stooss, Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 2010: Stefan Haenni – best of, Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 2013: A bed of roses, Stefan Haenni, Ottmar Hörl, David Hockney, Christian Lindow, Pat Noser, Urs Stooss, Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 2013: Dazzling, New pictures and tondos, Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern
  • 2015: United Colors, Jim Avignon, Stefan Haenni, Ottmar Hörl, Teruko Yokoi, Shirina Shahbazi a.o., Galerie Martin Krebs, Bern

Crime novels[edit]


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