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Stefan Kalipha
Born1940 (age 78–79)
Other namesStephen Kalipha
Years active1970–present

Stefan Kalipha (born 1940) is a British film, television and stage actor originally from Trinidad who has been acting from around 1970. He played Ramon, the Cigar Factory Foreman in the 1979 film Cuba, Daoud on The Curse of King Tut's Tomb, and Fat Larry in Babylon, both released in 1980. He also may be familiar to James Bond fans as Hector Gonzales, the Cuban hit man in the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only. Kalipha's other film roles include Wali Dad in the 1991 film of The Crucifer of Blood and Buldeo in the 1994 film The Jungle Book.

His television roles include Quiller, episode: "Objective Caribbean" and Tales of the Unexpected, episode: "The Finger of Suspicion".


Stefan Kalipha was born in Trinidad in 1940. He has been fortunate to work in film and television in the UK, doing better than others due to the limitation put on roles given to black actors.[1]



In 1977, Kalipha played the part of Reverend Henry Paul in a television series pilot called Meadowlark. It was a sitcom, based in Brixton, about a black married couple who were sharing their flat with an Irish woman. The 36-minute pilot, which also starred Oscar James, Joan Ann Maynard and Nina Baden-Semper, was never broadcast.[2]

In 1992, Kalipha had a recurring role as Jonathan Phelps in the series Prime Suspect.[3]

In 2015, he appeared as Tobias in The Bastard Executioner.[4]


Kalipha's character Hector Gonzales in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only masquerades as a plane pilot who has the intention of killing British agent Sir Timothy Havelock and his family.[5][6] In 1983, Kalipha appeared as the Data School Instructor in Superman III.[7] In 1989, he played the part of the Hatay tank gunner in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.[8]


Kalipha appeared on stage in the 1998 production of Mustapha Matura's play Playboy of the West Indies.[9]


Year Title Role Notes
1977 Black Joy Sharp Eddie
1979 Cuba Ramon, Cigar Factory Foreman
A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square Ibrahim
1980 Babylon Fat Larry
1981 For Your Eyes Only Hector Gonzales
1983 Superman III Data school instructor
1985 Water Cuban #1
1987 Born of Fire Bilal
Playing Away Louis
1989 Scandal Hanif
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Hatay tank gunner
1994 The Jungle Book Buldeo
2002 Ali G Indahouse Iranian Delegate
The Sum of All Fears Arab Gravedigger
2006 Gate to Heaven Schlepper
2011 Mesocafé Saleem


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