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Stefan Panaretov (Bulgarian: Стефан Панаретов) or Stephen Panaretoff (October 4, 1853 - October 19, 1931) was a prominent Bulgarian diplomat, academician and professor at Robert College, an independent private high school in Turkey.[1]

Diplomat and lecturer[edit]

He became the first Special Envoy and Minister Plenipotentiary of Bulgaria to the U.S. after presenting his Letter of Credence to President Woodrow Wilson on December 22, 1914.[2]

From the summer of 1918, Panaretov was the only official diplomatic representative of a member country of the Triple Alliance who continued his work in the capital of the United States. Panaretov resigned his post in 1925. Rather than return to Bulgaria, Panaretov and his wife stayed in Washington so he could give lectures at George Washington University.[3]


After Panaretov's death, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences received a bequest from his estate of approximately 2.5 million lev. The Academy built a library and reading room that was named in his honor.[3]