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Stefan Radev
Born March 1983 (1983-03) (age 32)
Occupation Lead Product Designer, international product design consultant
Known for Premium Industrial Design
Home town Barcelona, Spain

Stefan Radev (born March 1983) is a Barcelona-based product designer and visual artist, best known for his concept design projects under the brand "Visions".

Early life[edit]

Radev was raised both in Rousse, Bulgaria and Neckarhausen, Germany, where he lived with his parents in the early 90´s. Later (in the year 2005) he obtained an academic degree in Industrial Design (University of Rousse – Angel Kanchev, Bulgaria).

Professional life[edit]

He returned to Germany soon after finishing his studies and worked for the Bavarian outdoor sport equipment manufacturer Skywalk GmbH, as part of the R & D team. In the role of a product designer, being in charge for creating paragliding and kitesurfing equipment for more than two years as a free collaborator.

As this first design collaboration was mainly based on combining his hobbies (paragliding & kitesurfing) with product design, he moved from specific equipment design to a broader, multidisciplinary Design field (consumer & industrial goods design).

In 2007 he started a collaboration with Hamburg-based design studio "Invento Design", where he lived and worked until December 2009.

In April 2009 he started to experiment with concept design projects (Leica S5), that was among the winners of a camera design contest with the "Leica S5 concept" earlier that year, held by a German photography Magazine (fotoMagazin).

In September 2009 he presented a conceptual recreational vehicle that is powered by the wind, the Blue Dynamics Land Yacht, inspired by BMW's greener-emissions program.[1]

He moved on January 2010 from Hamburg to Barcelona, Spain, establishing an international design consultation studio, together with partners from Hamburg and Munich, Germany.

Soon after his relocation to Barcelona, Spain (in January 2010), Radev presented the "Vespeo espresso machine", a Vespa scooter-lifestyle espresso machine.

Later in 2010 he started a collaboration with the Startup "OsmAnd", that created the equally named GPS navigation App for Android devices. He was responsible for the following two and a half years for the User Interface, product logos, strategic functions and marketing, having more of a consulting role in the organisation, offering graphical and advisory proposals.[2]

In February 2011 Radev presented a new concept design including a complete redesign of the Gulfstream G550 private jet interior. The eco-friendly open layout that emphasized control of the interior environment via iPad was called "simple, elegant and ergonomic" by Luxist.[3] In JETGALA Magazine, Tricia Lim wrote about the project: "Bamboo was used because of its high sustainability, as it grows so quickly. Coupled with spacious seating with an iPad at every seat to create a clean, functional G550 for entertaining, working or relaxing during flight".[4][5]

In April 2012, the projects "Vespeo espresso machine[6]" and the "Gulfstream G550- visions edition[7]" won two Silver A´Design Awards in the categories Home appliances and Transportation.

In February 2013 Radev introduced a new concept design ("Molecule water sports helmet & headset"). The key element in this concept is the introduction of a wireless headset into the helmet´s ear pads, receiving the signals from a walkie talkie, easing the communication process between teacher and student, during kite or windsurf lessons for example.

In September 2014 Stefan Radev and his business Partners introduced their tube amplifier design for the Danish audio brand "Lampion". The newly designed tube amplifier made quite an impact internationally, being published in a number of design and lifestyle blogs as well as press."Låmpion: Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier[8]"

Stefan Radev´s concept projects are frequently published in international lifestyle, design & luxury magazines both print and online, lifestyle blogs as well as trend websites.


Radev is also into sketching & painting, as well as creation of visual imagery for advertising campaigns.[9] As for example a collaboration via Invento Design & Jan von Borstel for Yves Saint Laurent ("Yves Saint Laurent- Gold Logo") in 2009.

Since December 2012 the US Startup "Global Crew Logistics-Concierge" is featuring his high-end visualisation of the "Gulfstream G550-visions edition" aircraft, on their corporate website, done for the same named design study project.[10]


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