Stefano Buono

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Stefano Buono
Stefano Buono.jpg
Avellino, Italy
EducationUniversity of Turin, Italy
Known forformer CEO and founder of Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA) - NASDAQ: AAAP
Scientific career

Stefano Buono (born 1966) is an accomplished Italian physicist and alumnus of The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). For 15 years Mr. Buono has served as Chief Executive Officer and board member of Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA), an international radiopharmaceutical company he founded in 2002.


Stefano Buono was born in 1966 in Avellino, Italy. He attended high school in Turin, Italy and received his master's degree in physics from the University of Turin in 1991.[1]

Career as physicist[edit]

Prior to founding Advanced Accelerator Applications in 2002, Stefano Buono worked as a physicist at the Centre for Advanced Studies, Research and Development or CRS4. During his six years within CRS4, he headed a team of engineers working on different international research projects in the field of energy production and nuclear waste transmutation (Accelerator-Driven Systems). Before joining CRS4 and in parallel to his appointment at CRS4, Stefano Buono worked for approximately ten years with physics Nobel laureate Carlo Rubbia at CERN, one of the leading research laboratory for particle physics in the world. During that term, he also actively participated in the development of CERN's Adiabatic Resonance Crossing method.[2]. He is also the author of numerous scientific publications.[3]

Advanced Accelerator Applications[edit]

In 2002, Stefano Buono founded Advanced Accelerator Applications (NASDAQ: AAAP), a radiopharmaceutical company that develops, produces and commercializes molecular nuclear medicine, diagnostic and therapeutic products.[4] Today AAA trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker “AAAP.” The first day of trading was 11 November 2015. Following the 2018 acquisition of AAA by Novartis for $3.9 billion, Mr. Buono serves as a consultant to the company.


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