Stefano Rosselli del Turco

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Stefano Rosselli del Turco

Stefano Rosselli Del Turco, marquis, (27 July 1877 – 18 August 1947) was an Italian chess master.

He played in all first ten Italian championships, and was twice Italian Champion. He tied for 7-8th at Viareggio 1921 (1st ITA-ch, Davide Marotti won); won a match for the title against Marotti (8,5 : 4,5) at Napoli 1923; lost a match for the title to Mario Monticelli (6 : 8) at Firenze 1929; won at Milan 1931 (4th ITA-ch); took 6th ast Milan 1934 (Monticelli won); tied for 2nd-3rd at Firenze 1935 (Antonio Sacconi won); tied for 7-9th at Firenze 1936 (Vincenzo Castaldi won); took 12th at Napoli 1937 (Castaldi won); tied for 7-8th at Rome 1939 (Monticelli won), and tied for 7-8th at Firenze 1943 (10th ITA-ch, Vincenzo Nestler won).[1]

He tied for 8-9th at San Remo 1911 (Hans Fahrni won); took 5th at Trieste 1923 (Paul Johner won); tied for 12-13th at Meran 1924 (Ernst Grünfeld won); took 9th at Meran 1926 (Edgar Colle won). Rosselli won at Livorno 1926; took 6th at Venice 1929 (Rudolf Pitschak won);[2] tied for 2nd-3rd with Abraham Baratz, behind Brian Reilly, at Nice 1931.[3]

Rosselli del Turco represented Italy in Chess Olympiads:

In 1911–1916 and 1924–1943, he was the founder and an editor of L'Italia Scacchistica.[5]


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