Stefano Tamburini

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Stefano Tamburini
Born (1955-08-18)August 18, 1955
Rome, Italy
Died 1986 (aged 30–31)
Nationality Italian
Notable works
RanXerox 'Snake Agent"
Notable collaborations
Tanino Liberatore

Stefano Tamburini (August 18, 1955 – April 1986) was an Italian graphic artist, comics author and magazine publisher.[1][2][3][4][5]


Born in Rome, he started writing in 1974. His first comics character, Fuzzy Rat, was published in an independent Rome-based magazine called Combinazioni.

From 1975 to 1977 he worked for Stampa Alternativa, designing books and leaflets. He also founded the magazines Combinazioni (1974), Cannibale (1977) and Frigidaire (1980)

Tamburini is mostly renewed for being the co-creator of comic character RanXerox together with Tanino Liberatore, a graphic novel that embodied the spirit of the 1980s. With Andrea Pazienza, he is considered one of the most brilliant Italian comics authors from his generation. In 1983 he married the art gallerist Emi Fontana. He died in Rome in 1986.


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