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Steffan Luke Aquarone is a UK entrepreneur in the film and technology sectors. His projects involve collaboration between large groups of people with a common interest[1] and are often crowd-source financed,[2] the most notable example being feature-film Tortoise in Love which was made by a village in Oxfordshire.[3]

In 2014, Aquarone was named by the Daily Mirror as one of the Top 20 most influential media figures under 30.[4]


Aquarone was educated at home as a member of Education Otherwise until the age of 12, before attending Norwich School. He then read Politics and International Relations at the University of Warwick, graduating with a BA in 2006.


In 2004, Aquarone co-founded media business Ephex Media Limited with two fellow students at the University of Warwick. Ephex Media received investment from the Advantage Early Growth Fund in 2007[5] in order to acquire regional post-production facility Oakslade Studios.[6] The company made and edited corporate films for brands including Land Rover, Vodafone, Massey Ferguson and American Express. The business was placed into administration in 2008.[7]

Aquarone co-owns feature film production company Immense Productions with author Guy Browning,[8] whose first feature Tortoise in Love on which Aquarone was producer[9] released in the UK in 2012.[10]

In 2011, Aquarone co-founded peer-to-peer[11] mobile payments platform Droplet[12] which allows users to load funds to an app on their mobile phones and send payments to other people or merchants.[13]

In 2013, Droplet was named among the 'Top 25 UK Startups' by influential technology blog Mashable.[14]


Aquarone writes on digital marketing topics including online video. In 2012 he wrote "Online Video: A Best Practice Guide" for digital publishers Econsultancy.[15]

Personal life[edit]

Aquarone lives in Norwich with his wife, and is a practicing Quaker, involved in local politics with the Liberal Democrat party.


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