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For the snake genus called Stegonotus, see Stegonotus (snake)

Arctotis April 2013-2.jpg
Arctotis flower head
Scientific classification

Type species
Arctotis angustifolia
  • Antrospermum Sch.Bip.
  • Anemonospermos Boerh. ex Boehm.
  • Cleitria Schrad.
  • Stegonotus Cass.
  • Anemonospermos Möhring ex Adans.
  • Venidium Less.
  • Odontoptera Cass.
  • Anemonospermos Möhring ex Kuntze
Namaqualand Gousblom (Arctotis fastuosa) Goegap N.R., Namaqualand, Northern Cape, South Africa
Arctotis stoechadifolia P. J. Bergius, West Coast National Park, Western Cape, South Africa
Arctotis arctoides. Sani Pass, Drakensberg, ZA

Arctotis is a genus of annual and perennial plants in the family Asteraceae.[4][2]

Arctotis is native to dry stony slopes in southern Africa. Some of the plants are alternatively placed in the genus Venidium. The common name is "African daisy", or "Gousblom" in Afrikaans. These plants have daisy-like composite flowers which tend to close in the late afternoon or in dull weather,[5] but numerous cultivars have been developed for garden use which stay open for longer, and are available in a wide range of colours. Tender perennials are often grown in temperate regions as half-hardy annuals.

The garden hybrid A. × hybrida hort. 'Flame' has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.[6]

  1. Arctotis acaulis L.
  2. Arctotis acuminata K.Lewin
  3. Arctotis adpressa DC.
  4. Arctotis aenea J.Jacq.
  5. Arctotis amplexicans Less.
  6. Arctotis amplexicaulis Less.
  7. Arctotis angustifolia L.
  8. Arctotis arctotoides (L.f.) O.Hoffm.
  9. Arctotis argentea Thunb.
  10. Arctotis aspera L.
  11. Arctotis auriculata Jacq.
  12. Arctotis bellidiastrum (S.Moore) Lewin
  13. Arctotis bellidifolia P.J.Bergius
  14. Arctotis bolusii (S.Moore) Lewin
  15. Arctotis campanulata DC.
  16. Arctotis candida Thunb.
  17. Arctotis caudata K.Lewin
  18. Arctotis crispata Hutch.
  19. Arctotis cuneata DC.
  20. Arctotis cuprea Jacq.
  21. Arctotis debensis R.J.Mckenzie
  22. Arctotis decurrens Jacq.
  23. Arctotis diffusa Thunb.
  24. Arctotis discolor (Less.) Beauverd
  25. Arctotis dregei Turcz.
  26. Arctotis elongata Thunb.
  27. Arctotis erosa (Harv.) Beauverd
  28. Arctotis fastuosa Jacq
  29. Arctotis flaccida Jacq.
  30. Arctotis fosteri N.E.Br.
  31. Arctotis frutescens Norl.
  32. Arctotis gigantea A.Rich.
  33. Arctotis gowerae E.Phillips
  34. Arctotis graminea K.Lewin
  35. Arctotis gumbletonii Hook.f.
  36. Arctotis hirsuta (Harv.) Beauverd
  37. Arctotis hispidula (Less.) Beauverd
  38. Arctotis incisa Thunb.
  39. Arctotis laciniata Lam.
  40. Arctotis laevis Thunb.
  41. Arctotis lanceolata Harv.
  42. Arctotis leiocarpa Harv.
  43. Arctotis leptorhiza DC.
  44. Arctotis leucanthemoides Jacq.
  45. Arctotis linearis Thunb.
  46. Arctotis macrosperma (DC.) Beauverd
  47. Arctotis microcephala (DC.) Beauverd
  48. Arctotis perfoliata (Less.) Beauverd
  49. Arctotis petiolata Thunb.
  50. Arctotis pinnatifida Thunb.
  51. Arctotis pusilla DC.
  52. Arctotis reptans Jacq.
  53. Arctotis revoluta Jacq.
  54. Arctotis rotundifolia K.Lewin
  55. Arctotis schlechteri K.Lewin
  56. Arctotis schraderi (DC.) Beauverd
  57. Arctotis semipapposa (DC.) Beauverd
  58. Arctotis serpens (S.Moore) Lewin
  59. Arctotis sessilifolia K.Lewin
  60. Arctotis setosa K.Lewin
  61. Arctotis stoechadifolia P.J.Bergius
  62. Arctotis suffruticosa K.Lewin
  63. Arctotis sulcocarpa K.Lewin
  64. Arctotis tricolor Jacq.
  65. Arctotis undulata Jacq.
  66. Arctotis venidioides DC.
  67. Arctotis venusta Norl.
  68. Arctotis virgata Jacq.


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