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Steilmann was a German textile group which had its headquarters in Wattenscheid and at its 1998 peak employed over 18,000 people. After near-bankruptcy in 2006 broke up the group, some parts continue to use the Steilmann name.

Founded in 1958 by Klaus Steilmann (1929–2009),[1] the Steilmann Group at its peak in 1998 employed over 18,000 people in 14 countries, and had turnover of nearly 1.5bn DM.[2] With increasing difficulties from increased competition in the sector after 1998, Steilmann narrowly avoided bankruptcy in 2006, its parts being sold to the Radici Group (Miro Radici AG),[3] which had previously acquired parts of Steilmann, including Steilmann Eastern Europe in 2003.[2]

Klaus Steilmann died on 13 November 2009.[4]


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