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Steinar Henning Lem (9 May 1951 – 28 April 2009) was a Norwegian environmental activist, author and spokesperson for Fremtiden i våre hender (Future In Our Hands), Norway's largest movement for comprehensive social change. He criticized the consumption-oriented society and focus on economic growth,[1] and the difference in income between the rich and poor part of the world.[2] He also supported better preservation of predators in Norway, like the wolf.[3] Lem died aged 57 from pancreatic cancer at Aker University Hospital in Oslo, two months after it was diagnosed. He is survived by his wife and two six-year-old daughters.[4][5]


Lem joined The Future In Our Hands during the 1970s. He fronted the organization demanding higher fuel prices, higher taxation and increased aid to developing countries.[6] In 1994, he was a strong opponent in the European Union membership referendum.[4] During the 2000s, he stated that he had become in favor of Norwegian membership, since he felt the EU was better at solving environmental issues than Norwegian authorities.[7] He has also criticized the Norwegian authorities' immigration policy. In the last few weeks of his life, he stated that he would like more public debate about death.[5]


Lem was educated at the University of Oslo with a master's degree in literature. He was awarded Tarjei Vesaas' debutantpris for his first book, Signaler, in 1973.[8]


  • Signaler – compilation (1973)
  • Utenfor bymuren – short stories (1975)
  • Motlys – novel (1977)
  • Grenseovergang – novel (1979)
  • Bjørneboes menneskesyn i Frihetens øyeblikk – thesis (1981)
  • Den tause krigen (1994)
  • Det lille livet (2005)


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