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Steindór Andersen (born 1954) is an Icelandic musician.

Steindór is noted for his Rímur chanting and is most widely known for his collaborations with the band Sigur Rós. Other collaborations include with Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson and rapper Erpur Eyvindarson.



After the Folk Music Festival in Siglufjörður, July 2007, where Steindór is a regular guest, another guest musician at the festival, Evan Harlan of the group Andromeda, impressed with Steindór's chanting of the rímur, composed the piece "Steindór Gets the Blues". The music was premiered in Boston, the home of the Icelandic-American group, later the same month.

Steindór also appears on Sigur Rós's 2007 DVD release, Heima, performing "Hugann seiða svalli frá" from Rímur.[1]


Personal life[edit]

Steindór also works as a fisherman, captaining his ship the Iðunn.[2]


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