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A Steiner point (named after Jakob Steiner) may refer to:

  • Steiner tree problem, an algorithmic problem of finding extra "Steiner" points to add to a point set to reduce the cost of connecting the points
    • The median of three vertices in a median graph, the solution to the Steiner tree problem for those three vertices
    • The Fermat point of a triangle, the solution to the Steiner tree problem for the three vertices of the triangle
    • By extension, an extra point added to a point set as part of the solution of any other geometric problem, such as in minimum-weight triangulation
  • Steiner point (triangle), a certain point on the circumcircle of a given triangle
  • One of 20 points associated with a given set of six points on a conic; see Pascal's theorem#Hexagrammum Mysticum.