Steinkjer Station

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Steinkjer Station

Steinkjer stasjon
Railway station
View of the station
Coordinates64°00′41″N 11°29′44″E / 64.01139°N 11.49556°E / 64.01139; 11.49556Coordinates: 64°00′41″N 11°29′44″E / 64.01139°N 11.49556°E / 64.01139; 11.49556
Elevation3.6 m (12 ft) AMSL
Owned byBane NOR
Operated byNorges Statsbaner
Distance125.5 km (78.0 mi)
ConnectionsBus: TrønderBilene
ArchitectPaul Armin Due
Other information
Station codeSTK
Opened15 November 1905 (1905-11-15)
Steinkjer Station is located in Trøndelag
Steinkjer Station
Steinkjer Station
Location within Trøndelag
Steinkjer Station is located in Norway
Steinkjer Station
Steinkjer Station
Steinkjer Station (Norway)

Steinkjer Station (Norwegian: Steinkjer stasjon) is a railway station located in the town of Steinkjer in the municipality of Steinkjer in Trøndelag county, Norway.[1]

The station is located on the Nordland Line, serving both local and express trains northbound through Innherred and on to Nordland county, and southbound to the city of Trondheim. The staffed station sits adjacent to the E6 highway. The station is at the northern terminus of the Trøndelag Commuter Rail to Trondheim. An hourly service usually runs on this line.


Steinkjær station in 1907.

Steinkjer Station was built as part of Hell–Sunnan Line and opened on 15 November 1905 along with the rest of the line north of Verdal. The original name of the station was Steinkjær but on 5 June 1925, the spelling was changed to the present Steinkjer.[2][3][4]

Steinkjer Station was designed by architect Paul Armin Due. He designed a number of other stations built by the Norwegian State Railways, including virtually all stations north of Levanger on Hell–Sunnanbanen and many stations on Bergensbanen, including all those in Hallingdal. The building is on two floors with living quarters for the station master on the second floor. The building was built in Art Nouveau architectural style with marked portals.[5]


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