Stella Ella Ola

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"Stella Ella Ola" is a clapping game where players stand or sit in a circle placing one hand over her or his neighbour's closer hand and sing the song. On every beat, a person claps their higher hand onto the touching person's palm. The cycle continues until the song ends at which point if the person's hand is slapped, they are considered "out" and must stand or sit in the center of the circle.

If the player to be slapped pulls her or his hand away fast enough, the person who attempted to slap the hand is out.


Two players[edit]

  • Players slap both hands up and down. In some variations, they continue to alternate until the final count, where the person whose hands are on the bottom is out.
  • Players grab each other's right hand just by the fingers and then hold their left hands out to the side. They move their linked right hands from side to side, hitting a left hand on each count. If that child swings her or his hand away on the last count, the other loses.
  • Players hold hands and on the last count, they try to pull the other person over a line.

Three players[edit]

In one three player version, one player will turn around and the other two players will hold hands and alternate positions. At the end, the person who is turned around will say either top or bottom. The hand who is in that position wins.