Stella Maris

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Stella Maris (Latin for "Star of the Sea") may refer to

places or organizations named for the Virgin Mary
Popular Culture
  • Stella Maris (1918 film), a 1918 film with Mary Pickford in the title role
  • Stella Maris (1925 film), a remake of the 1918 film with Mary Philbin in the title role
  • Stella Maris, a 1987 album by The Albion Band
  • "Stella Maris", a song by Einstürzende Neubauten from the album Ende Neu
  • "Stella Maris", a song by Moby from the album Destroyed
  • "Stella Maris", a work for concert band by Samuel Hazo
  • "Stella Maris", a song by Colcannon from their 1993 album, "Athens Hotel" (track 7).

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