Stellar Ships

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Stellar Ships
Ivan Yefremov - Star ships.jpg
russian edition, 2003
Author Ivan Yefremov
Original title Russian: Звёздные корабли
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian
Genre Science fiction
Media type Print (Paperback)

"Stellar Ships" or "Star Ships" (Russian name "Zvezdnye Korabli", Russian: Звёздные корабли) is a short story by the Soviet writer and paleontologist Ivan Yefremov written in 1944 and first published in 1948 in the USSR.[1]

This story is about the discovery of an ancient dinosaur bone with a mysterious bullet hole (or "blaster hole") and an alien skull and his portrait nearby. This acts as a starting point and a cover story to the philosophical idea of plurality of the mind cradles in the Universe, similarity of planet evolution paths, and similarity of physiology and psychology. Efremov states the final perspective for all civilisations is The Great Circle, which will unite them all.