Stellenbosch University Choir

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Stellenbosch University Choir
Founding 1936
Genre Varied
Members 80–140
Affiliation Stellenbosch University

7th World Choir Games, Cincinnati, USA (2012):

  • Category: Mixed Choirs, 93.55 (Gold: Category Winner)
  • Category: Musica Sacra, 96.88 (Gold: Category Winner)
  • Category: Popular Choral Music, 91.25 (Gold: Runner-up)

8th World Choir Games, Riga, Latvia (2014):

  • Category: Mixed Choirs, 99.00 (Gold: Category Winner)
  • Category: Musica Sacra with Accompaniment, 95.68 (Gold: Category Winner)
  • Category: Spirituals, 98.38 (Gold: Category Winner)

Stellenbosch University Choir (Afrikaans: Stellenbosch Universiteitskoor) is a Choir attached to Stellenbosch University. Founded in 1936, it is the oldest choir in South Africa.[1] The current conductor, André van der Merwe, was appointed at the beginning of 2003.[2] The Stellenbosch University Choir has toured overseas extensively and won critical acclaim for its performances.[3] The choir is viewed as a leading South African choral ensemble.[4]

In the South African context, it becomes increasingly important for the choir to reach out to choirs in less fortunate communities.[5] During 2005 and 2006 the choir hosted an orphan children's choir from Kayamandi – not only teaching music skills to the children, but also making the University Choir aware of the value of community service. In 2013, the choir built on its foundation of social responsibility by hosting a cleanup project at nearby beaches.


The choir was founded in 1936 by William Morris and has established itself as one of the best choirs in South Africa and the world.[6][7]

The choir has been conducted by André van der Merwe since 2003.[6]