Stemmen i mit liv

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Denmark "Stemmen i mit liv"
Eurovision Song Contest 1997 entry
Thomas Lægård,
Christina Juul Hansen
Lars Pedersen
Thomas Lægård
Jan Glæsel
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Fra Mols til Skagen" (1995)   
"This Time I Mean It" (1999) ►

"Stemmen i mit liv" ("The voice in my life") was the Danish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1997, performed in Danish by Kølig Kaj.

The song was performed 21st on the night, following Russia's Alla Pugacheva with "Primadonna" and preceding France's Fanny with "Sentiments songes". At the close of voting, it had received 25 points, placing 16th in a field of 25.

The song deals with the singer's difficulties in speaking to the object of his strong affections. The lyrics are ambiguous as to whether this is a real person or an automated voice on the directory enquiries service. A parody of this song was recorded by a satirical group entitled "Farlig Fredag" (Meaning "Harmful Friday").

Due to the poor placement, Denmark was relegated from the 1998 contest. Thus, the song was succeeded as Danish representative at the 1999 contest by Michael Teschl & Trine Jepsen with "This Time I Mean It".

The introduction of the free language rule has meant that to date, "Stemmen i mit liv" has been the last song, to be performed in Danish at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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