Stemonitis fusca

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Stemonitis fusca
Stemonitis fusca 28Jun2011.jpg
Fruiting bodies on rotting downed log of Eastern Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis)
Scientific classification
(unranked): Amoebozoa
Infraphylum: Mycetozoa
Class: Myxogastria
Order: Stemonitida
Family: Stemonitidae
Genus: Stemonitis
Species: S. fusca
Binomial name
Stemonitis fusca
Roth, 1787

Stemonitis fusca is a species of slime mold. It fruits in clusters on dead wood and has distinctive tall brown sporangia supported on slender stalks with a total height of approximately 6–20 mm tall.[1]


Stemonitis fusca var. rufescens, Lister 1894


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