Sten Carl Bielke

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Sten Carl Bielke, born March 14, 1709 in Stockholm, Sweden, deceased July 13, 1753, was a Swedish Friherre, official, scientist and member of the Swedish parliament (riksdag). His father was the County Governor (landshövding) and Freiherr Ture Stensson Bielke, and his mother was Ursula Kristina Törne.

Bielke was together with Carl Linnaeus a founding member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which was founded in 1739.[1]

He received a private education and started his career as an amanuensis at the Royal Library (Kungliga biblioteket) in Sweden. He eventually became Hovrättsråd at the Hovrätt (Court of Appeal) in Åbo (present Finland). He was also politically active in the Caps.


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