Sten Svantesson Bielke

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Sten(o) Bielke

Sten Svantesson Bielke, also Steno Bielke, (1598 – 2 April[1] 1638)[2][3] was a statesman of the Swedish Empire.

Bielke studied in Uppsala and Tübingen before he became chamberlain of Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in 1619.[2] Together with Bengt Bengtson Oxenstierna, he traveled to Jerusalem and other sites in the Holy Land in 1613, 1619 and 1623.[3] From 1627 to 1629, he attended the University of Leiden.[2]

In 1630, he was Swedish commander in Stralsund.[4] In 1631, he was appointed Swedish legate in occupied Pomerania, succeeding Carl Banér.[5] He occupied this position until his death.[5] In 1633, Bielke became a member of the rigsråd.[2] In 1636, he was appointed general legate in Germany.[1] He died on 2 April 1638 in Stettin (now Szczecin).[1]

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