Stenungsund Municipality

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Stenungsund Municipality
Stenungsunds kommun
Coat of arms of Stenungsund Municipality
Coat of arms
Stenungsund Municipality in Västra Götaland County.png
CountyVästra Götaland County
 • Total301.09 km2 (116.25 sq mi)
 • Land251.91 km2 (97.26 sq mi)
 • Water49.18 km2 (18.99 sq mi)
 Area as of 1 January 2014.
Population (31 December 2017)[2]
 • Total26,224
 • Density87/km2 (230/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
ISO 3166 codeSE
Municipal code1415

Stenungsund Municipality (Stenungsunds kommun) is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden. Its seat is located in the town of Stenungsund. The municipality is situated by the sea inside the islands Orust and Tjörn and traversed by the E6 and Bohus Line, in which it has three stops (Stora Höga, Stenungsund and Svenshögen).

The municipality was formed through amalgamation in 1952. In 1971 a parish from a dissolved municipality was added.

The coat of arms was registered in 1977. The device in the upper half is a hydrocarbon molecule, which alludes to the petrochemical industry in the municipality.

Localities (urban areas)[edit]

Smaller localities (villages)[edit]

The seat is located right by the European route E6 highway and the railway Bohus Line, Bohusbanan.

In 2006, archaeological excavations in the area revealed a series of burial sites dating between 1 AD and 300 AD.

Notable corporations[edit]

Since the 1950s, Stenungsund Municipality has become the center for the petrochemical industry. Its distinguished silhouette is four giant chimneys, belonging to a large power plant.


The following sports clubs are located in Stenungsund Municipality:

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