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Step or Steps may refer to:


  • Stairs
  • Walking
  • Dance move, the building block of many dances
  • Military step, a regular, ordered and synchronized walking of military formations
    • Marching, refers to the organized, uniformed, steady and rhythmic walking forward, usually associated with military troops
  • Edward Step (1855–1931), author of books on various aspects of nature
  • Step (unit), a Roman unit of length
  • Step (air base), a Soviet/Russian military facility in Chita Oblast
  • Step (footing), a horizontal platform of a stairway
  • Step (software), the physics simulator included in KDE
  • Step aerobics, aerobic exercise which uses an elevated platform
  • Step dance, a dance style where the footwork is the most important part of the dance
  • Step function, in mathematics
  • Stepfamily, reconstituted family, is a family in which one or both members of the couple have children from a previous relationship
  • A "step", moving from line to line in a mathematical proof using rules of logical inference


Films and television[edit]

  • Steps (TV series), a Hong Kong television series
  • Step (film), a 2017 American documentary film about a girls' step team at a Baltimore high school


  • Steps (novel), a National Book Award winning novel by Jerzy Kosinski



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