Step Inside Love

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"Step Inside Love"
Single by Cilla Black
Released 8 March 1968
Format 7" single
Genre Pop
Length 2:22
Label Parlophone R5674
Songwriter(s) Lennon–McCartney
Producer(s) George Martin
Cilla Black singles chronology
"I Only Live to Love You"
"Step Inside Love"
"Where is Tomorrow"
"I Only Live to Love You"
"Step Inside Love"
"Where is Tomorrow"
"Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias"
Song by the Beatles
from the album Anthology 3
Released 28 October 1996
Recorded 16 September 1968
Genre Folk rock
Length 2:30
Label Apple Records
Songwriter(s) Lennon–McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr
Producer(s) Chris Thomas
Anthology 3 track listing
"What's the New Mary Jane"
"Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias"
"I'm So Tired"

"Step Inside Love" is a song written by Paul McCartney (credited as "Lennon–McCartney") for Cilla Black in 1967 as a theme for her TV series Cilla, which first aired on 30 January 1968.


In late 1967 McCartney was approached to write the theme by Cilla and her series producer Michael Hurll. He recorded the original demo version at his London home, accompanying himself on guitar, which consisted of just one verse and the chorus.

Black's recording of this song was used as the theme during the early weeks of the show, until it was decided that the song needed an additional verse, so McCartney came to the BBC Theatre and wrote it there. According to Hurll, the opening line of the second verse ("You look tired, love") came from McCartney's observation of Cilla looking tired from the long rehearsals for the TV show. McCartney then added a third verse and this version was recorded as a studio demo at Chappell Studios in London on 21 November 1967, with McCartney on guitar accompanying Cilla on vocals. This demo was the basis for the single, although where the McCartney demos were recorded in the key of D, the final arrangement of the single version was transposed up a fourth to G, to take advantage of Cilla's higher register.[1]

The single version of the song (with Cilla singing live over the studio backing track) was premiered on 5 March 1968 edition of her show; the single was released on 8 March 1968, and reached number eight on the British charts in April 1968. The record also reached Number 15 in Ireland in the same month. The recording was also featured on Black's third solo studio album Sher-oo![2] Remixed club versions of Cilla's original 1960s vocal were released in 2009 on her album Cilla All Mixed Up.

In 2002, DJ Tommy Sandhu managed to coax Cilla back into the recording studio to re-record "Step Inside Love". Sandhu then remixed the song and 3,000 white labels of it were sent to British clubs under the name "TS vs CB". The 12" charted at number three on Music Week's club chart. A maxi single of all of these remixes was released to download worldwide on 30 November 2009.[3]

In 2010, during a BBC interview, Black revealed that the song had been banned in South Africa due to fears that the lyrics contained hidden sexual elements.

The grave marker beneath the headstone on Black's burial plot in Allerton Cemetery in enscribed with six of the seven lines from the third verse of "Step Inside Love": lyrics from Black's hits "Alfie" and "You're My World" also appear on the marker. (The black marble headstone and marker were installed 18 April 2016 some eight months after Black's 1 August 2015 passing: following the December 2015 theft of its original bronze nameplate Black's grave remained unmarked until dryer weather permitted the installation of the marble headstone and marker.) [4]

McCartney recording[edit]

McCartney recorded the song on 16 September 1968 during The Beatles (a.k.a. "The White Album") sessions, but it did not appear on the album. After ad libbing "Step Inside Love", McCartney led the group into "Los Paranoias", which (despite George Harrison not being present) was credited to all four members of the band. The two songs were released as a single CD track on Anthology 3 in 1996.

The Beatles personnel[edit]

Personnel per The Beatles Bible[5]

Other versions[edit]

Madeline Bell later of pop band Blue Mink recorded a version on her 1968/69 Doin' Things album, released on Philips Records.

The Paper Dolls recorded a version on their 1968 album Paper Dolls House, released on Pye and again on Paper Dolls House: The Pye Anthology, released on CD on Sanctuary in 2001.

On 15 September 1997 EMI Records released The Abbey Road Decade: 1963–73,[6] a three-disc compilation album of Black's recordings. It featured the single version of "Step Inside Love", an Italian-language version (M'Innamoro), the original demo (featuring McCartney), and an alternate take.

Recordings of "Step Inside Love" as the Beatles may have performed it are available on the 1989 album by Bas Muys entitled Secret Songs: Lennon & McCartney[7][8] and on the 1998 release It's Four You by the Australian tribute band The Beatnix.[9]

Steve Dawson of rock band Saxon recorded a version on his 2003 Pandemonium Circus album, released on Angel Air Records.


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