Stephan Bernsee

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Stephan Bernsee
Stephan Bernsee Musikmesse 2009.png
Born Stephan Sprenger
Karlsruhe, Germany
Residence Mainz, Germany
Occupation Software developer, DSP Engineer

Stephan Bernsee is a Digital Signal Processing applications developer from Germany. He is the founder of the audio software company Prosoniq and the principal developer of the sound synthesis technology used in the Hartmann Music Neuron series of synthesizers, the technology behind Prosoniq TimeFactory, its popular[1][2] OrangeVocoder and the sonicWORX Isolate application[3] which does pattern detection to allow extracting, manipulating and suppressing individual notes and sounds within a song. He holds a couple of patents, one for localizing audio in 3D space[4]

In 2011 he co-founded Zynaptiq,[5] a Hannover-based startup company specializing in reverb removal, polyphonic pitch modification and automatic optimization of music tracks based on artificial intelligence.